Our pet health library features articles by biochemist and InClover founder, Rebecca Rose, in addition to other industry experts. Learn the ins and outs of the pet supplement market, including how to read labels and what to look for in a quality product plus get advice on other common pet health concerns and questions.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition Welcomes InClover’s Rebecca Rose

The President and Founder of InClover Research, Rebecca Rose, has been welcomed by the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) to be their newest Board member. The PSC Board meets bi-monhtly to hear member feedback, provide guidance, set performance metrics, and ensure the...

Animal Innovations Show

I woke up at 5:30am, stumbled past Floyd and pulled on running clothes and shoes. Floyd grabbed his leash, complete with a full treat dispenser and poop bags hidden within a green plastic bone. Within minutes, we were off and running to the open space. We saw all of our favorite friends, Henry the terrier, Maya the over zealous yellow lab and Jasper, a leggy dog built of spare parts, and shared treats along the way.

Caring for your pet in cold weather

By: Humane Society of Boulder Valley The Humane Society of Boulder Valley and the City of Boulder Animal Control wants to remind you that your furry or feathered companions may also be feeling the chill. In addition to being vulnerable to the cold weather, many...

Nutrition basics for your kitten: What you should know

By: VetStreet Your kitten weighed only a few ounces at birth. He'll put on about 2 pounds in the next 10 weeks and continue to gain weight rapidly until he's about 6 or 7 months of age. After that, he'll continue to gain more slowly until about 11 months of age;...

Help for Hairballs

If you have ever watched your cat wrenching to expel a hairball, or if you have stepped on a hairball in the middle of the night, you have experienced the discomfort of hairballs. Hairballs are known in scientific circles as trichobezoar and are very common in cats, especially in long-haired cats (although they occur with any length of hair). They are more common during warmer seasons and climates.

Why we don’t use probiotics in any of our supplements

Probiotics are all the rage. Whether you're in a pet store or a grocery store, it seems like everything from fruit juice to cat litter is touting their probiotic content. If probiotics are so "hot," why doesn't In Clover include them in our products? Although many pet...

3 easy ways to optimize feline UT health

Supporting a healthy urinary tract system is critical for our feline fur babies. You probably have or know of a cat with an unhealthy urinary tract right now. We want to do the right thing but it can be confusing. Some urinary tract foods contain salt. That can’t be...

Solutions for big cat litter box problems

When my husband and I took in a new cat recently, we had some rather unexpected litter box issues. Cats are typically easy to litter train. You show them the litter box, they read the instructions, and that’s it.

The Right Time to Add Supplements

If you take a supplement or two because you care about your health, does it make sense to do the same for your dog or cat? Many pet parents and veterinarians are saying “yes” to functional and issue-targeted supplements. Lisa Sanford of Brandenton Florida is one of those pet parents. “My 13-year-old Catahoula (Boris, now retired from flyball) is acting like a puppy again because of Connectin joint supplement. He brings me toys again to throw for him and springs around. He is my ‘heart’ so this means the world to me!”

Share the love, not the chocolate

According to the Nielsen Company, 58 million pounds of chocolate candy will be sold this week. We know our dogs should not eat chocolate, but how much is dangerous, and what about the cat, or the bird? Is chocolate bad for them, too?

National Veterinary Technician Week 2019

Lisa  Mulligan, InClover Research   This week is National Veterinary Technician Week! We at InClover Research are grateful for their commitment and vital role that they have in the health and welfare of our beloved animals every single day. Anyone who has gone to a...

“Clinical Studies” aren’t created equal. Here’s why.

It's not hard to find a pet supplement claiming to be "vet tested," "clinically tested," "clinically proven," has "clinical results" or some other variation, but not all "clinical studies" are created equal. Survey studies: Some...

How to Introduce a New Cat from Guest Blogger Ryan Frank

I didn't think that we would get another cat, but when my director at work posted pictures of her cats that needed new homes, I felt the urge to try it out. My husband and I first adopted Solange, a domestic shorthair mix, adopted at just 5-6 months old from the...

4 Tips for a safe and happy Thanksgiving for your pet.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday — period. Every year, we have a houseful of friends, dogs and cats. What could be better? My animal family of Floyd, Jasmine and Chai, however, do not see it quite the same way I do. They are used to having their house, yard and family all to themselves in a pretty nice routine. Thanksgiving is stressful. To help minimize stress and upsets, follow these simple tips from ASPCA and In Clover.

7 Questions to Ask When Picking a Joint Supplement

Rebecca Rose, InClover Research  When I founded InClover I had just completed a global research project we called the holy grail of women’s health. We discovered a type of bacteria that could keep women healthy, if only we could get them to grow in the body. Sounds...

Who’s my lucky ducky sweetie boy?

By: Rebecca Rose, InClover founder & product developer Who feels stupid now for talking baby talk to the dog? Not me! An article published in this week’s Science Journal showed what you probably already realized: Your dog loves when you say nice things in that...

Question: Should I rotate my pet’s joint supplement?

Some pet parents have indicated they rotate their pets' joint supplements because the supplements appear to "stop working." While there may be some benefit to swapping out incomplete or inferior joint support products, In Clover supplements are...