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In Clover supplements are created using sound scientific research
and the best ingredients nature has to offer.

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All our products are formulated to produce noticeable results within the first container. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Don't leave him behind.

Don’t let discomfort keep your dog from living life to the fullest. Keep him forever young with the proven power of Connectin joint support.

Digestive support, naturally.

OptaGest is the ONLY digestive supplement to contain clinically tested levels of prebiotic to support a healthy intestinal balance as nature intended.

Finally! A supplement my cat will eat!

The tastiest cat supplement on the market, In Clover’s Feline Functional Rewards are approved by 8 out of 10 cats in feline taste tests.

Why wait?

You wouldn’t wait until you have a cavity to start brushing your teeth, so why wait until there’s a problem to start supplementing your pet?

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InClover’s all-natural supplements for dogs and cats support the most common pet health concerns, including joint health, dental care, skin & coat, digestive comfort and immunity. These award-winning pet supplements are scientifically formulated to produce noticeable results in a single container’s use. All products are made in the USA using only natural, human-quality ingredients.

NASC Quality SealInClover’s integrated quality program ensures every one of our pet supplements meets our uncompromising standards. Establishing benchmarks for purity, safety and efficacy, enforcing a stringent supplier approval program, manufacturer audits and product testing are just some of the control points that promote constant quality monitoring and improvement. This comprehensive approach to ingredient sourcing, product manufacturing and distribution made us among the first to earn the National Animal Supplement Council Quality Seal. Our meticulous system not only ensures superior pet supplements worthy of the InClover brand but also guarantees that what we promise on our labels is delivered in our product.

All InClover products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

CPG Editors Choice Finalist 2015   CPG Editors Choice Award Winner 2016

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