InClover Research develops the only animal wellness supplements scientifically designed for pets’ unique physiology, supporting better health from the inside out. This personalized approach to animal wellness gives pet parents the confidence to be able to truly care for their pets’ well-being so you can play more and worry less.

Canine Connectin

For hip + joint


For urinary tract


For skin + coat


for respiratory + Ocular


Did we mention that we’re obsessed with good science? For over two decades we have thoughtfully developed our supplements using the highest quality-standards, rigorous testing and high-quality ingredients. Your pet’s health is our passion and expertise.


Born from biochemistry and a passion for helping pets and people.

Knowledge of Pet Physiology

Supplements designed for your pet’s unique physiology for whole-body health.

Clinically Tested

Clinical trials, patented formulas, we’ll let the science speak for itself. (Just kidding, we’d love to talk about it!)

ingredients with a purpose

High-quality ingredients formulated to work together to support your pets’ whole-health.

"5 Stars"

My dogs & I love InClover products. I switched my older Golden to Connectin Chews from another similar product and saw a noticeable difference in a very short time. All my dogs get Optagest every day, and always will. I love that InClover products are all natural and USA made by a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Martha K.

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4 Tips for a safe and happy Thanksgiving for your pet.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday — period. Every year, we have a houseful of friends, dogs and cats. What could be better? My animal family of Floyd, Jasmine and Chai, however, do not see it quite the same way I do. They are used to having their house, yard and family all to themselves in a pretty nice routine. Thanksgiving is stressful. To help minimize stress and upsets, follow these simple tips from ASPCA and In Clover.

7 Questions to Ask When Picking a Joint Supplement

Rebecca Rose, InClover Research  When I founded InClover I had just completed a global research project we called the holy grail of women’s health. We discovered a type of bacteria that could keep women healthy, if only we could get them to grow in the body. Sounds...

Animal Innovations Show

I woke up at 5:30am, stumbled past Floyd and pulled on running clothes and shoes. Floyd grabbed his leash, complete with a full treat dispenser and poop bags hidden within a green plastic bone. Within minutes, we were off and running to the open space. We saw all of our favorite friends, Henry the terrier, Maya the over zealous yellow lab and Jasper, a leggy dog built of spare parts, and shared treats along the way.

Caring for your pet in cold weather

By: Humane Society of Boulder Valley The Humane Society of Boulder Valley and the City of Boulder Animal Control wants to remind you that your furry or feathered companions may also be feeling the chill. In addition to being vulnerable to the cold weather, many...

Nutrition basics for your kitten: What you should know

By: VetStreet Your kitten weighed only a few ounces at birth. He'll put on about 2 pounds in the next 10 weeks and continue to gain weight rapidly until he's about 6 or 7 months of age. After that, he'll continue to gain more slowly until about 11 months of age;...