Our Science

InClover is dedicated to improving the health and happiness of companion animals through mindful, scientific development of innovative pet supplements.


InClover was born from the human-based biochemistry research of our president and founder, Rebecca Rose. Rebecca’s background is in women’s healthcare, where she was part of a team funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) to research the secrets of a healthy immune system. Their mission was simple: explore how healthy bodies function and find out how supplements can help all bodies achieve optimal health. Rebecca, who has a self-proclaimed obsession with her own pets, did not hesitate to bring the same world-class scientific practices to the pet industry. So, InClover Research, the first scientifically-developed pet supplement company was created and has been committed to bringing optimal health to your pets ever since.


Your pet is one-of-a-kind, which is why InClover makes the only supplements scientifically designed for pets’ unique physiology, supporting better health from the inside out. Take our dental formula for example. We believe fresh breath begins with a healthy gut. That’s why we don’t develop doggie breath-mints and instead use our knowledge of pet physiology to create sensible solutions for your pet’s entire system so you can stop dodging doggie breath. No gimmicks, no trends, just good science.

CLinically tested

As scientists, we are no strangers to doing things by the books. We knew that it wasn’t enough to have satisfied customers telling us how their pets jump higher, play longer, and fetch further. That’s why we worked with Massey University Veterinary school, the premier global research institution, to complete gold-standard force plate clinical studies on our flagship Connectin joint supplement. The study showed significant improvements in pets’ ability to bear weight, mobility and comfort with Connectin versus the placebo in an average of 15 days, and proved what we had known all along: Connectin works, and works fast! The United States Patent Office agreed, and issued three patents to commend Connectin’s unique formulation. We guess that’s what you get when you put scientists and animal-lovers together!

Ingredients with a purpose

A great supplement is only as good as the ingredients that go into it. All InClover ingredients are hand selected and rigorously tested for quality and purity. Our formulas ensure that while each ingredient is delicious and packed full of health benefits on its own, the way ingredients interact with one another is where the real science happens. By using ingredients that all combine to function with your pets’ physiology, our supplements can work with the natural system and work better, faster.