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Since 1996, hundreds of thousands of pet parents and veterinarians have trusted the clinical support of InClover’s natural pet supplements. Based in Boulder, Colorado, InClover is an independent, woman-owned business run by a team of pet health experts committed to supporting the lifelong well-being of the animals you love.

Our Story

InClover was founded by biochemist Rebecca Rose who has dedicated her life to the study of how nutrition supports overall health. A pioneer in clinical research, she is the author of three patents, and her published works continue to inspire scientists and developers around the world. Under her leadership, InClover set the gold standard for animal studies, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, sound scientific methods and humane practices.

As InClover’s product developer, she carefully formulates innovative supplements using evidence-based research and the finest natural ingredients. This unique, hands-on approach ensures your pet receives therapeutic levels of active ingredients for results in a single container’s use.

Pictured: Rebecca Rose, Founder + President of InClover Research


Brand ambassadors

Trevor Thomas and Lulu

aka The Bind Hiker 

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Trevor Thomas is the world’s only blind professional long distance hiker.  Throughout his career, he has trekked nearly 20,000 miles on America’s most rugged and remote long trails.  He gained notoriety in 2008 when he became the first blind person in history to complete a solo, unassisted thru hike of the 2,175 mile Appalachian Trail (AT).  

We are exited to support Lulu, Trevors amazing guide dog!

Instagram: theblindhiker

Website: https://www.theblindhiker.com

Flir, Poker and Synesthesia

aka the Dock Divers 

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We are excted to support these incredible Dock Divers! 

Instagram: flir_poker_syn_gsp

Website:  www.honorgsp.com

Meet our team

Rebecca Rose

President + Founder

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Rebecca uses her biochemistry education and experience in healthcare and biotechnology research to scientifically design all of InClover’s products to work with pets’ unique physiology. When she isn’t getting really excited explaining the chemical structure of glucosamine or how prebiotics work, she enjoys being outdoors and in the barn. Whether she is riding horses or snuggling a chicken, she is happiest surrounded by animals.

Voted most likely to: get her name submitted to Jeopardy as a friendly office prank, but win anyways.

Lisa Mulligan

Quality Assurance Project Manager

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Lisa has been working with animals for over ten years with certifications in small animal massage, acupressure and essential oils. It is the holistic approach to healing that what makes her so excited to work at inClover! Lisa has also received her Six Sigma Green belt and Lean Black belt certification for project management. She is dedicated to ensuring the production of the highest quality product to create customer satisfaction with focus on sustainability.

Voted most likely to: Run away with Aaron Rodgers.

Ben Zionts

Supply Chain Manager

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Ben Zionts is a 10 year CPG and natural food veteran who is passionate about sustainable operations and supply chain.  As Operations manager, he is experienced in all aspects of supply operations, materials management, purchasing, production planning, cost reduction, inventory management, new product development, importing & exporting, and logistics. 

Voted most likely to: call out ‘sick’ on a fresh powder day.

Sam Latimer

Marketing Intern

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Sam is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Media Studies and Journalism, but her true passion is in marketing. Aside from school and her internship at InClover, Sam loves to travel, cook, spend time with friends and family, and of course, snuggle her cat Bentley.

Voted most likely to: adopt 20 kittens.

Christine Wuslich

Office Manager/Inside Sales

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Christine is the newest addition to the InClover team. Bringing her upbeat and positive nature to assist in everyday customer support and all things Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, she may be the first voice you hear when touching base with our wonderful team!

Voted most likely to: provide a sustainable supply of double stuffed Oreos to the office.

Meet our Friends


Head Greeter

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Wilson is a 3 year old Golden Retriever mix. He started his life at the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) but don’t let that fool you, he was bottle fed from the beginning. His charmed life continues at InClover where he greets guests and climbs on laps at every opportunity. Wilson’s active life style is supported with Jump and Connectin. His dietary indiscretions are soothed with Optagest and his lovely smile is complements of Grin. 


Supervisor of Bunny Activities

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Lucky (aka Duck) is a 5 year old shepherd mix. His prominent ears are his money card and assist in triangulating on bunnies no matter how stealth they may be. He is wicked smart and loyal. He will spin, roll over, go to his mat and put all four in his nest. Lucky takes all of InClover’s products but is especially fond of BioRadiant and the complements he gets on his glowing coat.


Director of Fun

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Posey is a 10 year young lilac Shar Pei. She spends her days at the InClover Research office overseeing all fun, including races up and down the hallway and outdoor adventures. In her time off, she enjoys long hikes with her humans and curling up at the end of the day with her “baby”. Posey loves to watch her humans add InClover supplements to her daily meals. Connectin supports Posey’s joints so that she may continue to monitor the other office pups during playtime while Optagest makes sure she gets the most from her diet and that her immune system stays strong! BioResiliant keeps her pesky allergies at bay while BioRadiant soothes and nourishes her skin.


Nap Advisor

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Uli is a four-year-old Pyrenees mix, although her inner puppy is probably much older. She loves nothing more than doing as little as possible for as long as possible. Her jobs at InClover currently include mail truck scout and puppy wrangler. Uli’s large size and preference for intermittent activity makes Connectin a must-have part of her daily routine. 


Mischief Officer

Mischief Officer

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Snickers is an Aussiedoodle. He is the wild child of the office. He loves everyone and everything and is generous with his kisses. Optagest has been a lifesaver for Snickers as he likes to grab a bite of everything he can find both inside and out.


Chief Feline Officer

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Winnie (Wind in the Willows) is a petite 6.5lb kitty adopted from a shelter in Annapolis, MD. Winnie is a mama’s girl and if not for an office full of dogs, she’d surely take over the role of ‘Office Cat’. In the meantime, Winnie makes due with her role of ‘bed warmer’! Optagest is Winnie’s favorite In Clover supplement. It helps to ease her finicky digestive system.


Saddled with Responsibilities

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Solitaire (Terri) is a 28 year old thoroughbred mare retired from lower level eventing and dressage. She is quite happy to enjoy her retirement on the Colorado prairie dining on endless flakes of alfalfa and a nightly warm mash. Though retired, she still has a job, providing endless hours of zen time for her mom at the end of each and every workday. Terri is the apple of her mom’s eye!



Security Officer

Security Guard

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Jiggs is a 5 year old – forever adolescent- rescue from Boulder Humane Society. His quirky personality and endless energy will keep you guessing. If you throw him the ball, you will be his bestie forever. Jiggs keeps in top shape by serving as his mom’s running buddy! He uses our JUMP  joint supplement to keep him flexible and our Optagest for all those things he gets into so stealthily.


Quality Pawtrol

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Olive is a 10-year old border collie who owns the border collie stare! She is the sweetest dog we know and will tell you so herself – she is a talker! Olive enjoys Connectin for her joints so she can keep up with her brother Jiggs and BioBrilliant to keep her teeth sparkling and her breath fresh. She has recently added BioVibrant to her diet as she ages for overall skin and coat support.


Social & Travel Coordinator

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Chuy is a 2 year old Pomeranian. Originally from the Lone Star State of Texas, Chuy was recently adopted and moved to Colorado. He has a big personality packed into a little, fluffy package. Chuy enjoys road trips, bike rides, hiking, and playing ball. Connectin supports Chuy’s joints so he can keep up with his humans and bigger dog friends, and due to his short stature he is always in the weeds so he is grateful for BioResiliant to keep his allergies at bay.