Connectin Questions

Why are the herbs in Connectin important?

Here is why:

  1. Were done using Good Laboratory Practices at a university veterinary hospital.
  2. The Connectin study was done using the actual Connectin product.
  3. The study was placebo-controlled, double-blind, multi-armed and used state-of-the-art Force Plate Analysis.
  4. The dogs and their humans volunteered for the study because they had tried everything else… and it didn’t work.
  5. Connectin was proven to show significant relief in weight bearing discomfort and increase in mobility…fast and gently.
If my pet’s food contains glucosamine/chondroitin, do I still need to supplement?

Typically the amounts of these ingredients in pet foods fall below the amounts required to be effective, especially on animals experiencing discomfort. Pet food companies normally report the amount of glucosamine and chondroitin combined in units of ppm or parts per million in the entire bag. Given suggested feeding amounts, 400ppm is only 89.2 mg for a 40-60 pound dog.

How long should I give Connectin?
Following the directions for daily use, you will see results with Connectin® within 2 weeks (dogs & cats). You will continue to see improvement for 2-4 months. After the positive results have been maintained for several weeks, you may be able to decrease the daily amount by half the recommended amount. Continue with this maintenance level. Symptoms may return if you discontinue use of Connectin®.
How long will one container of Connectin last?

The recommended daily level is on the outside of each container. For a dog weighing 40 – 60 pounds:

  • 12 oz powder: 27 days initial use; 54 days maintenance use
  • 23 oz powder: 51 days initial use; 102 days maintenance use
  • 50 ct crunchy tabs: 25 days initial use; 50 days maintenance use
  • 150 ct crunchy tabs: 75 days initial use; 150 days maintenance use
  • 20 ct soft chews: 10 days initial use; 20 days maintenance use
  • 100 ct soft chews: 50 days initial use; 100 days maintenance use
  • 300 ct soft chews: 150 days initial use; 300 days maintenance use

For a cat weighing 10 pounds:

  • 60 ct tablets: 60 days initial use; 120 day maintenance use
Can Connectin be given to help maintain joint health in a pet without symptoms?
We hear this question often. After a pet owner has seen great results when using Connectin® with their affected animal, they wonder whether it would be wise to start their younger pet on Connectin® to help maintain his or her healthy joints. Yes, studies showed that starting your non-affected pet on a maintenance level of Connectin® will help the body maintain healthy joint function.
Is canine Connectin safe to give to a cat?
Yes, Connectin for dogs may safely be given to cats. If you take the Connectin powder for dogs, a cat would get the same amount as a 20 lb dog, ½ scoop to start and ¼ for maintenance.
Which Connectin format is the best?
We know from conducting clinical trials on tablet, soft chew and powder formats of Connectin that they are equally effective. Some dogs prefer the soft chews or crunchy tablets, which can be eaten like a snack or broken up and added to food. Some dogs prefer the powder added in with a meal. Choose what’s easy for you and your pet.
I give my dog Connectin powder and misplaced my scoop. How much is a scoop?
The scoops included with Connectin powder hold 18 cc which translates to 3.6 teaspoons or a “generous” tablespoon. One quarter scoop is equal to approximately 1 teaspoon; ½ scoop is approximately 2 teaspoons.
How is Connectin different from other products that claim to be tested?

This is where patented Connectin joint supplement is very unique. The very same Connectin that you are using has undergone university studies at an American Veterinary Medical Association accredited veterinary hospital. The double-blind, placebo-controlled studies used the state-of- the-art force-plate analysis, a statistically significant number of dogs participated in the trial and showed significant improvement at a 95% confidence level. Ask these questions when looking for a tested supplement:


  1. Were the tests done at an AVMA accredited University?
  2. Was the complete product tested, or just one of the ingredients?
  3. Was the trial done on the species the product is for?
  4. Were there a significantly significant number of animals in the study?
How do I obtain a copy of the Connectin clinical trial information?
Contact In Clover toll-free at 877-987-PETS (7387) or email info@inclover.com.

OPtagest Questions

Will my dog and cat like the taste of Optagest?

Optagest has no artificial flavors but naturally tastes good to both dogs and cats. In taste test trials, dogs and cats equally found the flavor to be yummy. Your (and your pet’s) satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

What is the easiest way to give Optagest?

Optagest is a pure powder that can be sprinkled on dry food or mixed into wet or raw food. It’s okay to give Optagest once a day, or if you feed more than once a day, you can split the recommended amount to give a portion with each meal. For an easy option or if your dog or cat is being kenneled and you are feeding dry food, measure out the food and add ¼ tsp. of Optagest per cup of food. Shake to mix. The Optagest is slightly sticky and will adhere to the kibble to make a tasty and healthy coating.

What will Optagest do to help out my pet?

Optagest is a combination of the digestive enzymes used to break down and absorb nutrients in the diet and a prebiotic, the food for the good bacteria native to the digestive system. Optagest is a healthy option for long term use. Since 70% of the immune system is housed in the digestive tract, a healthy digestive system will translate to an overall healthier dog. Things owners might notice are firmer stools, a change in stool color and amount (since the nutrients are absorbed in the body and are not going out with the stool) and a decrease in stool odor and gas due to a decrease in the toxin forming bacteria. All of these attributes are a healthy transition and beneficial for overall health.

Why does my cat’s wet food get soupy with Optagest, and is this a problem?

You are seeing the digestive enzymes that are in Optagest working. With a little moisture, the enzymes will start to digest the food in the bowl.

Should I give Optagest every day or just when there is an obvious digestive problem?

There are lots of benefits for your dog or cat with Optagest every day. With the extra support from the enzymes in Optagest, food is more completely metabolized and more nutrients become available from the food. Optagest also helps to maintain the good bacteria that are so important to digestion. This, in turn, boosts the immune system, so… Optagest every day may be ideal for your pet.

Can I give my pet Optagest when taking an antibiotic?

Yes! When Optagest is given during the course of antibiotic therapy, it helps the friendly bacteria recover any losses and reestablish healthy levels more quickly. Also, when your pet isn’t feeling well, providing extra support with Optagest gives overall support to the immune system as well.

What is the shelf life of Optagest, and does it need refrigeration?

Optagest has a three year shelf life. It’s best to store Optagest away from moisture and heat (118 degrees Fahrenheit destroys enzymes!), but Optagest does not require refrigeration.

What’s the difference between Optagest and Fresh Digest?

The only differences in the Optagest and Fresh Digest products are in the packaging and locations where they are sold. Visit our store locator to find a product near you.