By: Rebecca Rose, InClover founder and product developer

You have heard the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With your furry kid, this is a saying that rings especially true.  Our dogs and cats count on us to do the right thing for their care and diet. We make decisions that impact their health on a daily basis.

Healthy Options

Feeding a high-quality food is a great value in avoiding conditions that accompany a poor diet. Unfortunately, that is often not enough. We know one in four of our dogs and cats will develop joint problems in their lives. This is often uncomfortable and expensive. We also know conditions, such as digestive upset, are common and lead to the number one reason for veterinarian visits. Dental disease impacts 80% of dogs by age two, often leading to kidney and heart issues. The list goes on.


Supplementation is a smart choice for animals across the age spectrum to support a whole-health solution. Finding a supplement you trust to contain the right amounts of only the best ingredients at the greatest value is key. At InClover, we formulate all of our products in-house. We believe in using only the finest ingredients in just the right amounts. We do the research, sourcing and background work that can be overwhelming for the pet parent who wants the best for their fur kid.  Using our foundation of solid science research, our full concentration is making supplements for animals.  This allows us to focus on what is important to you: providing the best supplements at the best value.

The table below shows you how you can get your dog and cat on the highest quality whole-health program for much less than you would imagine. Cost is for a 10-pound cat or 50-pound dog for daily supplementation.

Condition Cost per day Product
Joints & Mobility $0.26 – $0.70 / $0.33 Connectin (canine & feline) / Jump (canine)
Digestive/GI $0.10 – $0.47 OptaGest (canine & feline)
Skin & Coat $0.33 / $0.18 Glow (canine) / Sleek (feline)
Dental $0.33 / $0.18 Grin (canine) / Smile (feline)
Urinary Tract $0.18 Flow (feline)
Weight Control $0.18 Slim (feline)
Respiratory $0.18 Spry (feline)