It is summer and thoughts turn to road trippin’. While formulating a big contest for Take Your Dog to Work Day, we decided to Take Our Work to the Zoo. Last Friday we closed the In Clover office and headed South out of Boulder to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. We were met by Dr. Jeff Baier, DVM and whooshed onto a golf cart and up a steep mountain slope to the Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital. A new arrival, a baby mountain goat with a bad leg, was in the clinic being given lots of tender loving care while they waited for the results of the x-rays. We saw the behind the scenes surgery suite that expands to elephant size and a one-eyed tortoise lounging in the sink. After touring the hospital, we were able to see the Zoo with Dr. Baier telling the personal story of each animal.

As a huge bonus, we were able to learn more about the animals that are being helped to run, jump and be more comfortable with our Connectin Joint Supplement.  It has been fun to calculate administration for a kitty cat one day and an elephant the next.  Our biggest challenge is figuring out how to make it taste more like rye crackers for the giraffes!

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