Some pet parents have indicated they rotate their pets’ joint supplements because the supplements appear to “stop working.” While there may be some benefit to swapping out incomplete or inferior joint support products, In Clover supplements are mindfully developed to be fed for the lifetime of the animal.

There are many joint support products on the market that feature incomplete formulations. A complete joint supplement will include all three of the critical joint building blocks: glucosamine (for joint cushion), chondroitin (for flexibility) and hyaluronic acid (for joint lubrication).

Even if these ingredients are present, attention must be paid to the source and quality. Specifically with glucosamine, look at the ingredient’s source, purity and carrier.

  • Source: Some glucosamine is derived from corn (labeled as “vegetable source”) while others are sourced from shellfish.
  • Purity: The ingredient should list the purity content. In Clover’s glucosamine is 99+% pure, pharmaceutical grade glucosamine.
  • Carrier: All glucosamine requires a carrier to be delivered into the body. The hydrochloride (HCl) carrier will deliver 28% more glucosamine than the sulfate carrier (SO4). So, if two products feature 500 mg of glucosamine but use different carriers, the one with the HCl carrier will deliver the highest percentage of the active ingredient.

At In Clover, we know joint support doesn’t end with the supplying the joint building blocks. An effective supplement will feature a holistic approach, addressing the joint, surrounding structures and related issues.

  • Regulating normal inflammatory response: Inflammation may occur due to exercise, the normal aging process or regular, daily activity. If a product does not regulate this response, you will likely see diminished results.
  • Antioxidants: Free radicals will build up around the joint and impede the effectiveness of the joint building blocks. If this is not addressed, even a supplement with all three building blocks may become less effective in the animal over time.

When formulating Connectin, our company’s founder and biochemist Rebecca Rose took all factors into consideration. That’s why we’ve included all three building blocks — using the highest quality and most effective ingredients — as well as an herbal blend to support comfort, encourage healthy circulation and produce lasting results.

There is another issue worth addressing here: Animals all have physical thresholds, which are highly dependent on current health status and history. Once a dog or cat meets his or her threshold, gains in mobility will slow and should hold steady, which should not be confused with decreased effectiveness. Think about it this way: If an obese person starts on a weight-loss program, he or she will see astonishing results within the first months, losing many pounds in a short period of time. But, eventually, the person will reach a healthy weight and will then start maintaining their fitness level and stop shedding pounds. In this scenario, the weight-loss program is maintaining its effectiveness, keeping the person feeling his or her best. On the other hand, if the person then started gaining back the weight, that would be a failure of the program.

Thanks to Connectin’s complete formulation, an animal will maximize his or her potential and will continue to work throughout the life of the pet, supporting and maintaining comfort and mobility — with no rotation necessary.