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Connectin is the only joint supplement clinically proven by independent researchers to help support comfort and mobility in an average of 15 days*.  Connectin’s patented formula nourishes the joint and it’s surrounding structures to support stiff, aging bodies, or help protect young & healthy joints.  Giving Connectin as a part of your cat’s daily regime supplies all three essential joint building blocks that are critical for healthy joint function.   The InClover scientific team also added a power-packed herbal blend as the chosen ingredients have been proven to deliver noticeable, lasting results for your cat!

Benefits of Feline Connectin:

  • Connectin is the only clinically proven joint supplement for cats
  • Connectin has 3 patents, proving it is an effective, beneficial formula based on science.
  • Connectin delivers Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Hyaluronic Acid as the 3 key building blocks important for joints in cats
  • Connectin has been proven by independent research to deliver noticeable results in your cat’s mobility within an average of 15 days.
  • Connectin is made in the USA with only the most top quality and effective globally sourced ingredients
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How it works

Scientifically Formulated

Connectin is scientifically formulated to deliver the key joint building blocks important for joint support.  We deliver these important building blocks in an herbal delivery system to make a true one-of-a-kind effective product for efficient hip and joint support.  Connectin’s unique, triple patented formula is one of the only joint supplements to undergo clinical trials to prove it’s effectiveness.  We used gold-standard research parameters for our testing, which yielded improvement in an average of just 15 days!

Ingredients with a purpose

Key joint building blocks Glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin, and Hyaluronic Acid help maintain crucial joint components for greater comfort and mobility regardless of age.  Our scientific team included 9 powerful herbs to serve as an effective delivery system to support healthy joint and muscular function for your cat!

FEATURED Ingredients


Glucosamine is naturally found in healthy cartilage and supports cushioning of the joint. When combined with chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid, it creates the perfect recipe for healthy, comfortable joints.

Hyaluronic Acid

If glucosamine acts as a joint’s cushion, and chondroitin acts as a joint’s rubber band, hyaluronic acid is the joint’s lubricant. Together, these ingredients support mobility and joint comfort throughout your pet’s life.


Chondroitin Sulfate is found naturally in healthy cartilage. It acts like a rubber band, supporting elasticity in the joint so your pet can jump and leap with energy and ease.


Alfalfa’s extensive root system allows it to update a wide variety of compounds that then participate in normal muscle and joint development.  Alfalfa’s mechanisms also help neutralize free radicals and promote good cell development.


Yucca is a plant that contains saponins, which provide natural joint support.

Nettle Leaf

Nettle Leaf is a natural source of antioxidants and natural minerals that promote circulation in the body and joints to soothe and strengthen.


Turmeric is rich in curcuminoids, compounds that boost the natural antioxidant activity in healthy cells to provide joints with a powerful defense system.

Ginger Root

Ginger Root is a natural plant antioxidant that supports the production pathway of the joint building blocks.


The standardized Cayenne Pepper used in Connectin relaxes muscles and supports joints throughout the normal aging process. It’s a natural source of antioxidants and the capsaicin content helps muscles kick back and relax.

Celery Seed

Provides nutrients as well as antioxidant protection.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh contains natural compounds and isoferulic acids that help support healthier joints throughout the normal aging process.

Devil’s Claw

Devil’s Claw supports joint flexibility and provides joint comfort throughout the normal aging process.

full ingredients + directions for use

Directions for use

6-9 lbs 1 tsp. per day 1/2 tsp. per day
10-13 lbs 2 tsp. per day 1 tsp. per day
14+ lbs 4 tsp. per day 2 tsp. per day

Ingredients per teaspoon

Glucosamine HCl 99%+ pure (shellfish source) 125 mg
Mucopolysaccharides (porcine chondroitin sulfate & hyaluronic acid) 62 mg
Yucca Root 34 mg
Alfalfa 28 mg
Nettle Leaf 25 mg
Devil’s Claw 21 mg
Turmeric Root 11 mg
Celery Seed 6 mg
Black Cohosh Root 6 mg
Ginger Root 6 mg
Cayenne Pepper 1 mg

[Inactive: Natural pork liver flavor, rice hulls]

"Great Product"

My Cat is 18 years old. She was starting to show signs of slowing down and poor grooming habits. I am now ordering more since she is doing so well on it with no side effects. She is grooming again and is doing much better. I would recommend this to everyone.



1 review for Feline Connectin

  1. Amber McGeary (verified owner)

    I noticed that my little guy of 14 years was starting to limp when walking. Within a month of giving Connectin, he is improved. Thanks so much for your product!

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