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Canine Connectin

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Support stiff, aging bodies or protect young, healthy joints with Connectin®. The only joint supplement clinically proven by independent researchers to help support comfort and mobility in an average of 15 days*, Connectin’s complete, patented formula nourishes the joint and its surrounding structures. Administering Connectin daily supplies the body with all three essential joint building blocks critical to healthy joint function plus a power-packed herbal blend for noticeable, lasting results.

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How it works

Scientifically Formulated

Natural joint building blocks combine with powerful herbs in this one-of-a-kind hip and joint supplement for dogs. This unique, patented formula is one of the only joint supplements to undergo clinical trials to prove its effectiveness.  Using gold-standard trial parameters and force plate technology, participants in the Connectin clinical trials showed improvement in an average of just 15 days!

Ingredients with a purpose

As joints age, they can begin to lose their elasticity, cushioning and lubrication, creating discomfort. Traditional joint-building components glucosamine HCl, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid help to maintain these crucial joint components for greater comfort and mobility regardless of age. Nine powerful, nutrient-packed herbs serve as a delivery system that boosts bioavailability while fighting free-radicals and supporting healthy musculoskeletal function.

FEATURED Ingredients


Alfalfa’s extensive root system allows it to uptake a wide variety of nutrients that function in normal muscle and joint development. It contains high levels of vitamin K, vitamin C and calcium. Helps neutralize free-radicals and promote healthy cell development.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh contains natural compounds and isoferulic acids that help support healthier joints throughout the normal aging process.


The standardized Cayenne Pepper used in Connectin relaxes muscles and supports joints throughout the normal aging process. It’s a natural source of antioxidants and the capsaicin content helps muscles kick back and relax.

Celery Seed

Celery Seed acts as a diuretic and helps to flush uric acid out of the joints and body while also promoting better circulation.

Devil’s Claw

Devil’s Claw supports joint flexibility and provides joint comfort throughout the normal aging process.

Ginger Root

Ginger Root is a natural plant antioxidant that supports the production pathway of the joint building blocks.

Nettle Leaf

Nettle Leaf is a natural source of antioxidants and contains boron, calcium and silicon which help with discomfort and strengthen bones. It promotes circulation in the body and joints to aid in joint comfort.


Turmeric is rich in curcuminoids, compounds that boost the natural antioxidant activity in healthy cells to provide joints with a powerful defense system.


Yucca is a plant that contains steroidal saponins, which provide natural joint support.


Glucosamine is naturally found in healthy cartilage and supports cushioning of the joint. When combined with chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid, it creates the perfect recipe for healthy, comfortable joints.


Chondroitin Sulfate is found naturally in healthy cartilage. It acts like a rubber band, supporting elasticity in the joint so your pet can jump and leap with energy and ease.

Hyaluronic Acid

If glucosamine acts as a joint’s cushion, and chondroitin acts as a joint’s rubber band, hyaluronic acid is the joint’s lubricant. Together, these ingredients support mobility and joint comfort throughout your pet’s life.

full ingredients + directions for use

Canine Connectin® Comparison Chart
12 oz. powder 53 $39.99 $0.75
23 oz. powder 102 $68.49 $0.67
50 ct. tablets 50 $34.99 $0.70
150 ct. tablets 150 $93.49 $0.62
20 ct. soft chews 20 $17.99 $0.90
100 ct. soft chews 100 $73.99 $0.74
300 ct. soft chews 300 $158.99 $0.53
*For a 50 lb. dog on maintenance.

Ingredients per scoop

1 scoop = 3.6 tsp. or 8.5 g.

Mucopolysaccharides (porcine source of chondroitin sulfate & hyaluronic acid) 1200 mg
Yucca Root 1200 mg
Glucosamine HCl 99%+ pure (shellfish) 625 mg
Alfalfa 500 mg
Nettle Leaf 300 mg
Devil’s Claw 100 mg
Celery Seed 50 mg
Black Cohosh Root 50 mg
Ginger Root 50 mg
Turmeric Root 50 mg
Cayenne Pepper 5 mg

[Inactive: Natural porcine liver flavor]


Directions for use

Under 20 lbs 1/2 scoop per day 1/4 scoop per day
20-40 lbs 1 scoop per day 1/2 scoop per day
40-60 lbs 1 1/2 scoop per day 3/4 scoop per day
60-80 lbs 2 scoops per day 1 scoop per day
80-100 lbs 2 1/2 scoops per day 1 1/4 scoops per day
100+ lbs 3 scoops per day 1 1/2 scoops per day

Canine Connectin powder comes with a pre-measured scoop. 1 scoop = 3.6 tsp or 8.5 g.

Active ingredients per 4-gram soft chew

Glucosamine HCl 99%+ pure (shellfish source) 500 mg
Mucopolysaccharides (porcine source of chondroitin sulfate & hyaluronic acid) 250 mg
Yucca Root 135 mg
Nettle Leaf 100 mg
Alfalfa Extract 50% 85 mg
Devil’s Claw Extract 2% 68 mg
Celery Seed 25 mg
Black Cohosh Root 25 mg
Ginger Root Extract 5% 12 mg
Turmeric Extract 95% 2.5 mg
Cayenne Pepper 2.5 mg

[Inactive: Dried chicken liver, dried honey, glycerin (vegetable source), mixed tocopherols, potato flour, potato starch, safflower oil, salt, sorbic acid, sunflower lecithin.]


Directions for use

Under 20 lbs 1/2 per day 1/4 per day
20-40 lbs 1 per day 1/2 per day
40-60 lbs 2 per day 1 per day
60-80 lbs 3 per day 1 1/2 per day
80-100 lbs 4 per day 2 per day
100+ lbs 5 per day 2 1/2 per day

Active ingredients per 3-gram tablet

Glucosamine HCl 99%+ pure (shellfish source) 500 mg
Mucopolysaccharides (porcine source of chondroitin sulfate & hyaluronic acid) 250 mg
Yucca Root 137.5 mg
Nettle Leaf 100 mg
Alfalfa Extract 50% 87.5 mg
Devil’s Claw Extract 2.5% 70.5 mg
Celery Seed 25 mg
Black Cohosh Root 25 mg
Ginger Root Extract 5% 12.5 mg
Turmeric Extract 95% 2.5 mg
Cayenne Pepper 2.5 mg

[Inactive: Colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, natural pork liver flavor]


Directions for use

Under 20 lbs 1/2 per day 1/4 per day
20-40 lbs 1 per day 1/2 per day
40-60 lbs 2 per day 1 per day
60-80 lbs 3 per day 1 1/2 per day
80-100 lbs 4 per day 2 per day
100+ lbs 5 per day 2 1/2 per day

"5 Stars"

My dogs & I love InClover products. I switched my older Golden to Connectin Chews from another similar product and saw a noticeable difference in a very short time. All my dogs get Optagest every day, and always will. I love that InClover products are all natural and USA made by a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Martha K.


10 reviews for Canine Connectin

  1. Annie St.Clair

    If I could give this product a million stars, I would..

    Let me tell you a story of my best friend, my shadow, my heart dog and probably the best thing to ever happen to my life.

    Her name is Storm and she’s a 4 year old Doberman who had been having hesitation in her hips when sitting / standing. Fully checked out by a vet and nothing found. I went on a hunt to help my best friend feel and move better. We do 6-8 miles (well, I do, I’m sure she does more) almost daily and camp / hike often.

    I’d purchased almost a dozen different products – highly reviewed items on Amazon, vet prescribed stuff, highly recommended store bought stuff – trying to help her be less stiff and move around like her normal self. None of these helped, at all.

    One day, out at the local pet boutique store I asked the sales associate what she would recommend. Now having wasted hundreds of dollars, what was a few more? She recommended Connectin and sung it’s praises and I will be honest, I stopped listening to her and was thinking to myself “right, this is not going to work, but we’ll try it.”

    48 hours later.. Storm was 99% of her old self. I was speechless. There is no way that this was actually working. So after a few weeks, I stopped giving her Connectin. Figuring it had to be something else that caused such a dramatic turn around. Within a few days she was back to being not quite right and slower to stand / sit. So back on it she went. 48 later, back to 99% of her old self.

    I will say this much about this product. InClover has mastered something that hands down, works. No sales hype no media blah blah, it really just works. I’m now expanding my InClover experience to include Jump for my youngest performance puppy so that she’s as set up for success as I can help her be. As for Storm? She will be on Connectin for as long as I have her, this stuff has given my best friend a whole new lease on life.

    Also, as for InClover as a whole – this company has been amazing. Happy to answer all the questions I have had whenever I’ve called.

  2. Martha

    So incredibly grateful for this product! My pup is a mix of Corgi and Dachsund and was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) over two years ago. This condition severely limited my usually spunky puppy’s activities due to inflammation and pain associated with this condition. Thankfully, my local pet store recommended Connectin and we haven’t looked back! I saw a marked difference in my dog’s activity level after one week and things just got better from there. I will say that my dog is on other medication that are helping his condition but the addition of Connectin did make a world of difference.

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