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BioResiliant™ is made up of only active ingredients that tackle canine discomfort related to seasonal allergies. BioResiliant maintains normal histamine levels and supports the natural keratinization process. Mangosteen addresses allergies while supporting intestinal health. Curcumin is a strong antioxidant found in turmeric and quercetin stabilizes the cells and releases histamine in order to maintain proper levels within a dog’s system. Turkey tail is a strong antioxidant that aids the immune response and organic inulin is a prebiotic that provides immune support.

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How it works

Scientifically Formulated

BioResiliant is a whole-ingredient formula designed to maintain and regulate your pet’s natural histamine process. Allergy symptoms are common, uncomfortable variations in the normal histamine response that can be triggered by environmental, seasonal, and food changes. BioResiliant’s uses all-natural ingredients to help fortify the immune system and help this normal histamine process function normally.

Ingredients with a purpose

BioResiliant contains only natural, whole-food ingredients, with no inactive ingredients that may further exacerbate allergy symptoms. Bromelain and Quercetin are a bioflavonoid and enzyme super-duo that work together to regulate histamine production, along with the antioxidant and xanthone-rich mangosteen. Turkey Tail mushroom activates white blood cells to enhance immune function while organic inulin and curcumin support a balanced immune system. Coconut, sweet potato and anise provide dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, and give BioResiliant its delicious flavor.

FEATURED Ingredients


Mangosteen helps to promote normal histamine and prostaglandin responses for less sneezing and more playing. It also contains xanthones which are powerful antioxidants to support a healthy immune system and response against allergies.


Turkey Tail Mushroom helps activate lymphocytes, an important type of immune system cell, to support a healthy immune system.


Bromelain is a nose’s best friend. It not only supports overall immune health it also supports normal tissue function in the mucous membranes and enhances the absorption of Quercetin for allergy support so your pet can truly stop and smell the roses.


Quercetin is a plant pigment (bioflavonoid) that aids in the normal histamine process to help support comfortable skin.

full ingredients + directions for use

Directions for Use: BioResiliant may be given during or after meal time. Serve 1 tsp. per day (approx. 2 “shakes) for a 20-pound dog. Adjust to your dog, 0.5 tsp per 10 pounds of body weight.


Ingredients: Sweet potato, coconut ,mangosteen, bromelain, curcumin, quercetin, turkey tail, organic inulin, anise.

"5 Stars"

My dogs & I love InClover products. I switched my older Golden to Connectin Chews from another similar product and saw a noticeable difference in a very short time. All my dogs get Optagest every day, and always will. I love that InClover products are all natural and USA made by a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Martha K.

This past year I received my second guide dog, Lulu, from Guide Dogs for the Blind in California. Shortly after we got home to North Carolina, I noticed that she smelled too much like a dog, and was scratching a lot. I changed her food, and gave her a bath with oatmeal shampoo. The scratching continued, and the smell came back. I took her to the vet several times to be treated for ear infections. The medicine worked temporarily, but the smell remained and the ear infections returned. Their recommendation was to take her to an allergist…prescription food…and who knew what else. Before I went down that route, I decided to reach out to In Clover Research for some advice since I have been using their supplements for my first guide dog and backcountry companion for nearly seven years with wonderful results. They had one product that I had never used, Bio Resiliant Allergy Powder. It was simple to use. Add a couple of tsp. to her food each day After a couple of weeks, the smell was gone, and so was the scratching. More importantly, she has not had an ear infection since. I have since added supplements for her coat, digestion, teeth and gums, joint health, and recently Taurine for her heart health as a part of her overall health protocol. After a bit of a rocky start, Lulu is in perfect health once again, and ready for our backcountry adventures to continue. Thank you, In Clover Research!

Trevor Thomas



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