Did you know that 70% of the immune system is housed in the digestive system? That is why digestion I one of the first places we focus on when it comes to overall pet health. Our mission is also to empower pet owners with general pet health knowledge and how our scientifically formulated and clinically tested supplements can support your pet’s health wholistically.


Have you ever taken your dog to the groomer or the vet just for them to get the runs in the car or once you get home? Or you’ve got a puppy with really soft stools?


Food or other items ingested can certainly cause digestive upset, and in addition, here are other areas your pet may be triggered so you can be prepared to soothe them and prevent messes and digestive upset! Our power-packed digestive-aid, Optagest supports pets that may run into these scenarios.

Examples of When to Use Optagest

Immunity Support (Doggie daycare, kennels, after dog parks, swimming)

When pets are away from familiar places, it is great to have a strong immune system to maintain their health when they get home. You don’t want to exclude your pet from fun activities either!


Food Change and Transitions

Digestive enzymes break down food for optimal nutrient absorption and supporting switches different foods your pet’s system is not used to yet. 


While taking antibiotics

Antibiotics can do their job and wipe out the bad bacteria, but unfortunately good bacteria may get wiped out too. The Inulin in Optagest is a prebiotic that selectively feeds the good bacteria and starve the bad bacteria to support your pet bouncing back from a course of antibiotics.


For newly adopted pets, puppies, and kittens

Start your pets early!

Puppies and kittens can start taking Optagest with their meals as young as 6 months.


Times of stress (groomer, travel, visitors, bath time)

Humans, too, can experience tummy trouble when under duress, and pets can also experience digestive upset during times of stress and change. Pets, especially, cannot use their words, so they can experience stress in new situations or ones they aren’t comfortable with.   


What Optagest Supports

  • The immune system
  • Minimizes gas
  • Reduces smelly odors and smelly poop
  • Stool consistency
  • Stool color
  • Freshens breath from the inside out
  • Weight maintenance
  • Kibble feeders (eases digestibility and nutrient absorption)
  • Bonus: Furballs – enzymes break these up too!

More About Optagest

  • Clinically tested and formulated with evidence-based results.
  • Gentle on your pet’s body.
  • Just 5 clean, plant-based ingredients

How it Works

  • Natural plant-based prebiotic feeds healthy bacteria already living in your pet’s gut.
  • Eliminates the need for a foreign animal-based probiotic.
  • Plant-based ingredients less likely to cause allergic reactions.
  • Enzymes help break down food for easy digestion and increase the availability of key nutrients in your pet’s food.