BioRen is a daily supplement formulated to support optimal bladder and kidney health. Made with ingredients you trust, BioRen supports the immune system, a healthy inflammatory response, detoxification, muscle development, and makes conditions unfavorable for kidney stone production. It is scientifically formulated with a blend of 100% active top quality ingredients high in B vitamins, and low in phosphorus and potassium to address common bladder and kidney issues. This product comes in an easy-to-use powder format formulated to provide results in 1 container’s use. It is suitable for both dogs & cats at any life stage and may be given with a prescription diet as a preventive or to slow progress in early stage kidney disorder.

Benefits of BioRen

  • BioRen can be used as a preventative or to treat pre-existing kidney diseases in both dogs and cats!
  • Resveratrol works to fortify the renal system by cleansing and detoxifying.
  • Contains L-Carnitine to protect the renal tissue and support muscle development.
  • BioRen contains the right amount of top quality ingredients designed to work together for maximum bladder and kidney health.

How It Works


BioRen is a scientifically formulated, superfood packed recipe designed to help maintain and support your pet’s bladder and kidney health. Kidney and bladder disease are the most common medical conditions in cats, and kidney disease impacts 1 in 10 dogs. BioRen’s all natural ingredients help support your pet as a means to prevent kidney disease, or counteract existing kidney issues.  On top of all that, BioRen’s proven formula helps fortify the immune system naturally, to keep your pet on the move.


BioRen is formulated with only the best, top quality, natural ingredients.  We leave out unnecessary ingredients that do not contribute to the effectiveness of this supplement!  Our Biochemist carefully formulated ingredients that are symbiotic (that work together) with one another to maximize the effectiveness of this supplement!  D-Mannose works to stop bacteria from adhering to the kidney and urinary tract, while resveratrol keeps mineral concentration at a healthy level to support normal kidney function.  L-Carnitine is also a natural amino acid that converts fat to energy, for healthy muscle development.  Ginger and dandelion leaf work to detoxify the system, while omega-3 fatty acids and yucca provide a normal inflammatory process!

Featured Ingredients


L-Carnitine is a natural amino acid that converts fat to energy, for healthy muscle development.


Resveratrol keeps mineral concentration at a healthy level to support normal kidney function.


D-Mannose stops bacteria from adhering to the kidney and urinary tract.


Hydrolyzed yeast adds the necessary amino acids and vitamins for balanced kidney function.

Feeding Directions: BioRen may be taken before, during or after mealtime.

For Dogs:

25 lbs. – 1 scoop

50 lbs. – 2 scoops

75 lbs. – 3 scoops

100 lbs. – 4 scoops

For Cats

1/2 scoop per 10 lbs.

Ingredients: Hydrolyzed yeast, omega-3 fish oil powder, d-mannose, green tea extract, inulin, l-carnitine, yucca root powder, dandelion leaf, ginger extract, and resveratrol.

Another One!

In 2023, we are introducing our new product BioRen! The newest edition to our Bioline for whole pet health, BioRen tackles common bladder and kidney issues in dogs and cats. To read more on the different types of kidney diseases and how to spot them in your pet, check out our blog post on BioRen!


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