The President and Founder of InClover Research, Rebecca Rose, has been welcomed by the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) to be their newest Board member. The PSC Board meets bi-monhtly to hear member feedback, provide guidance, set performance metrics, and ensure the organization maintains credible progress toward its mission. As a proud long-standing partner of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, and expert in how nutrition supports overall animal health, Rebecca looks forward to taking her knowledge and experience to drive change towards social and environmental responsibility with PSC.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition is a nonprofit organization that enables the entire pet industry to engage more positively with the environment and communities where they do business. Established in 2013, in an effort to advance business through profitable environmental and social practices, the PSC is constantly working to make a difference in the pet industry today!

The PSC leads many different programs that help to guide members towards sustainable packaging. These programs include Flex Forward, the first return to retail program in the pet industry, Unpacked, the pet industry’s first bi-annual summit dedicated to packaging, as well as the PSC Packaging Pledge which helps companies reach their sustainable packaging goals.

They’re also powering the use of sustainable proteins in pet products. This initiative aspires to enhance the selection of protein ingredients in the pet industry in an effort to maintain pet health, revitalize agricultural lands, and improve the lives of sourcing communities, all while proudly standing by their ethical responsibility to all animals. Outside of these programs, the PSC holds many events and rallies throughout the year in which they drive sustainable actions.

There is so much opportunity for the pet industry to improve the lives of pets, people, communities and our environmental impact. As a 9 year long member of this organization, InClover demonstrates its continuous commitment to uphold the values of the Pet Sustainability Coalition through our sustainable mission, scientifically formulated products, audited quality standards and employment for good practices. 

At InClover, our mission is to scientifically formulate supplements that enrich the lives of pets, and as a benefit, the humans they love.  Each InClover supplement product manufactured must pass strict quality standards and exceed sustainable practice standards. We have been awarded the Top Impact Performer in Pet Supplements from the Pet Sustainability Coalition, and we continually strive to uphold this level of excellence through our following social responsibility efforts:

InClover partners with Project V.E.T.S. to heal the planet, one animal at a time, and here is the impact we made:

  • In 2021 we diverted 11,872 pounds from landfills.
  • We sent those 441 items in shipments to 102 veterinarians at animal nonprofits in 38 countries, saving animal nonprofits a total of $714,632 and meeting 3 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

We also partner with CarbonClick, and we are part of a global movement towards minimizing carbon emissions. In 2021 alone we:

  • Produced 147,171 climate friendly products
  • Supported 21,340 tree growth years
  • Offset 458,911kg of carbon

Click HERE to view InClover’s Environmental Policy

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