Is there a skin and allergy product for my dog that is 100% pure and works?

This is the question that Millie’s mom asked me. Millie is a greyhound who gets allergic reactions on her feet that bother her and her human. She has used a skin and allergy product but did not see results and noticed that it contained Gelatin, Cellulose, and Silica Dioxide. Since she does not know what Millie is allergic to, added fillers seemed like a bad idea.


At InClover, we have spent the last three years researching questions around skin and allergies. Now, we will dive into what causes allergies and how to select which skin and allergy supplements are right for your dog.


Spending more time with your dog.

This time of year is allergy season. You may have seen the telltale signs of your dog’s skin and allergy discomfort; constant licking, red skin, sneezing, runny eyes. This discomfort may be even more noticeable now as you are spending additional time at home with your dog. And, are getting outside more with them.


Types of Allergies in Dogs.

Canine allergies usually fall into three main categories,

  1. Environmental
  2. Food
  3. Seasonal

Even though the cause of these allergies can be anything from exposure to corn, grasses or fleas, the response the body generates is caused by the same misguided reaction in the immune system. This causes the body to overproduce a chemical called histamine, the immune system’s bouncer. Histamine gets rid of something that is bothering your dog, in this case an allergy trigger or allergen. The body’s intention, to keep them safe, is good. But the overreaction gives the allergy symptoms.


Skin and Allergy Supplement Solutions.

You can support your dog’s system and make them more comfortable with daily supplementation. InClover’s BioResiliant uses natural histamine regulators; quercetin, bromelain and mangosteen, to help the body control the allergic reaction. BioResiliant’s complete formulation also supports a healthy inflammatory response to address the signs of allergy discomfort like licking, chewing and redness.


If you find you have an allergy prone pup or the licking and chewing is impacting the skin, add BioRadiant skin and coat to your daily regimen. The bioavailable omega-3s, combined with skin healing properties of biotin and zinc, make BioRadiant a nice addition. If you would also like to support your pup’s immune system, so they can better handle the allergens, add Optagest digestive supplement. Optagest supports the balance of the good native bacteria promoting a healthy microbiome and immune system.


Triple Allergy Threat

The healthy and synergistic daily regimen of BioResiliant, BioRadiant and  Optagest help your dog fight off the body’s bouncers and enjoy their time with you.


All three of InClover’s supplements are pure, with no added fillers or binders. This is important especially if you do not know the cause of the allergy or the cause is ubiquitous, like grass or pollen, and cannot be avoided.


Of course, if your dog has severe allergies, contact your veterinarian for testing or an elimination diet.


Before BioResiliant
After BioResiliant