By: Rebecca Rose, In Clover founder and product developer

Good food is important for your dog and cat.  A balanced, high quality diet will give your pet more energy, better digestion, healthier skin and coat and more fully developed muscles.

My dog, Floyd, came into my life after living off the streets and foraging for food.  He survived but he certainly did not thrive on his low quality diet of junk food.  It would be like us eating a daily diet of McDonald’s.  We would certainly not feel our best and we would probably not live as long.

When you are shopping for pet food, read the label, ingredients are listed in order of quantity.  Look for a food with:

  • Real meat, not byproducts
  • Primary  ingredient is protein
  • Minimal grain

Don’t get lured by the pretty package, sometimes the bag has better ingredients pictured on the outside than what is contained in the food inside.  Here are 5 ingredients to avoid in your pet’s diet.

  • Low quality protein such as byproducts, animal digest, undefined “meat”
  • Sweeteners,  sugar, glucose, dextrose, fructose, HFCS, sorbitol
  • Grains such as corn, soy, wheat
  • Cellulose – in budget weight loss formulas
  • Artificial colors, flavors and preservatives such as Ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT, sodium   benzoate

I am currently feeding Primal Raw, Taste of the Wild, and  Evo wet food. Share your food experiences, what works or does not work for your dog or cat?