By: Rebecca Rose, In Clover founder and product developer

I bring my dog Floyd to work with me so he is often in the car when I go to the bank drive through.  Even as a naïve rescue dog, it only took him one trip to realize that the magic tube holds a treat.  He believes that the closer he gets to the person in the window and the more animated he is, the more likely he will get a yummy prize.  He pecks his nose on the car window and prances from paw to paw demonstrating his excitement and appreciation for what is to come.

When my transaction is complete and the tube begins to whir through the air, he transfers his focus and strategy of getting closer and more animated to me.  I pull the paperwork from the tube and feel around for the biscuit.  I cringe as I pull out the bright red bone shaped treat. Hmmm, now I feed Floyd raw food and only keep natural treats on hand, and yet, there is no way I am not going to toss this red-dyed marvel to him.  What is it that makes the treat this unusual, non-food like hue?  I reluctantly look up the ingredients on the Internet and learn that it contains artificial red dye 40, also yellow dye 5 and blue dye 1.  I am sure the bacon fat preserved with the chemical BHT makes for longevity and flavor, but yuck.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the banks had yummy natural, healthy treats that our dogs love and we feel good about giving?  Well, that parallel universe can exist, for awhile anyway.  For the next month, In Clover will donate 2,000 pounds of natural, yummy, healthy Savvy Snax Joint treats to any bank (or dog rescue group) who contacts us at info@inclover.com, they just have to pay the shipping cost.  Let your bank know and spread the word and good health.  Woof.