At InClover our goal is to enrich the lives of pets, ultimately, enriching the lives of the families that care so deeply about their fur family member. Our pets do not have thumbs or wallets, so ultimately the decisions we make for them impacts them greatly on a daily basis. Here are a few things you can add or supplement to your dog or cat’s routine to support their health in 2024! 

Immune Support

We have recently been reporting on a mysterious respiratory illness in dogs across some, but not all U.S. states. The biggest thing you can stay consistent with with your pets health is supporting their immune systems as they are the invisible armor that helps them fight off illnesses, allergies, and more.


Our supplements Daily Multi (multivitamin for dogs and cats) and Optagest (digestive aid for dogs and cats) both have ingredients that support your dog and cat’s immune systems. All InClover supplements can be taken together. 


Feeding a high-quality food is a great value in avoiding conditions that accompany a poor diet with our pets. Unfortunately, that is often not enough. We know one in four of our dogs and cats will develop joint problems in their lives. This is often uncomfortable and expensive.

We also know conditions, such as digestive upset, are common and lead to the number one reason for veterinarian visits. Dental disease impacts 80% of dogs by age two, often leading to kidney and heart issues. The list goes on. That’s where we come in to enhance the bowl so your pet gets the most out of their diet. 


Supplementation is a smart choice for animals across the age spectrum to support a whole-health solution. Finding a supplement you trust to contain the right amounts of only the best ingredients at the greatest value is key.

At InClover, we formulate all of our products in-house. We believe in using only the finest ingredients in just the right amounts. We do the research, sourcing and background work that can be overwhelming for the pet parent who wants the best for their fur kid.  Using our foundation of solid science research, our full concentration is making supplements for animals.  This allows us to focus on what is important to you: providing the best supplements at the best value.


If anyone is considering adopting a dog in the new year, take into careful consideration what type of dog you want that will match well with a lifestyle you already have. Pets are shown to support their owner’s health and wellbeing, but as much as all of us sure wish our coach potato tendencies with resolve overnight once we get an active pet, one must also be realistic that you can give that active pet what they need every day for majority of its life. Even inactive pets require walks and play sessions to stay physically healthy. 

Mental Health

We all know how critical mental health is for us humans, it is just as vital for the health and happiness of our pets. Check out Naturally Healthy Pets Podcast episode 21: Your Pets Should LIVE While They are Alive: Pet Longevity Tips where guest Dr. Gary Richter highlights how important enriching your pet’s routine with mental stimulation can be. Cats especially may be considered anti-social or highly independent enough that they may not be played with enough.

Enrichment & Play

Check out Toni Unleashed, our customer’s podcast, where they dive into cat enrichment and dog enrichment and its importance for your fur babies. Enrichment is the exercise of the brain and senses for your pet. It supports optimal psychological and physiological well-being.


One of the biggest things you can put your pet’s mind at ease is keeping them on a routine. They thrive in routines, and they help relieve any anxiety that may accompany pets not knowing what is coming next. For instance, if a pet is not fed around the same time(s) per day, this may put a strain on them due to them not knowing why or when they will get fed next.