Ever wondered which supplements the InClover team uses to keep their pets feeling happy and healthy?

We interviewed some of our very own staff members to find out what supplements their furry friends live and die by. Majority of them have their pets on more supplements than they are on! 

Here’s what they had to say:

Name: Rebecca

Role: Founder & CEO

Pet: Cat – Jasmine

Supplement: Daily Multi


“Being the pet-lover that I am, I have a bunch of different furry friends in my household! This includes horses, chickens, cats, and dogs. Daily Multi allows me to feel good about supporting all of their daily immune and overall health with a 100% natural treat.”

Name: Meghan

Role: Marketing Team

Pet: Dog – Riley

Supplement: BioBrilliant

“In my last visit to the vet with my dog, Riley, we were told that there was some early plaque build up in her teeth. Knowing this, I quickly added BioBrilliant to Riley’s routine and in no time I noticed whiter teeth and fresher breath!”

Name: Christine

Role: Office Manager

Pet: Dog – Mika

Supplement: Connectin


“I’m an aunt and hiking buddy to my furry friend, Mika! I make sure to give her Connectin so that her joints are healthy and strong for her adventurous lifestyle.”

Name: KC

Role: Warehouse Supervisor

Pet: Dogs – Suki & Lily

Supplement: Optagest


“My dogs, Lucy and Suki are like two peas in a pod and sometimes run a muck! This Thanksgiving, Lily ate some off-limit snacks while I wasn’t looking. Knowing Optagest is part of her daily supplementation helps with her digestion and immunity.”

Name: Jenn

Role: Sales Team

Pet: Dog – Emerson

Supplement: BioRen – Kidney Health


“My sweet and lovely dog, Emerson, is unfortunately going through the early stages of CKD (chronic kidney disease). Luckily, with BioRen I can slow down the progress of CKD and support his urine protein-creatinine ratio back down to normal ranges. All while cleaning and detoxifying his bladder and kidneys.”