InClover prides itself on its integrity and transparency in our scientific pet supplements. In a world of slick talkers, clever taglines and flashy graphics, InClover remains committed to our solid, scientific foundation. Our pledge to you: We will never make unsubstantiated claims or take shortcuts, and we will deliver only the best scientific pet supplements to you and your animal companions.

pugreading_webScientifically formulated

The term “scientifically formulated” is often thrown around without much thought, and it could mean almost anything or nothing at all.

What it means to InClover
InClover was founded by a biochemist with a rich history of clinical and research experience in the human and animal world. Since 1996, all our products have been developed and formulated in-house based on trusted, published scientific evidence and our own gold-standard studies. InClover scientific pet supplements contain active ingredients at clinically tested levels, meaning your pet is receiving the necessary amounts of an ingredient to feel its benefits.

After the formula is created, a product enters a lengthy development process to ensure quality, efficacy and palatability. Once a product is approved for the marketplace, it remains subject to strict purity monitoring. The raw materials that will go into our supplements are tested before manufacturing takes place. Finished products are also tested to ensure they contain the specified ingredients at the designated levels.

What it may mean in the industry
Unfortunately, not everyone respects the term “scientifically formulated.” In fact, many supplement companies don’t even create their own product formulas. Driven by industry and marketing trends, the development is farmed out to a manufacturing group tasked with creating a pet supplement containing “hot” ingredients for a specified cost and margin. 

A company claiming to have a scientifically formulated supplement may have done nothing more than discuss the formula with a consultant (who may not even be an expert in pet nutrition).

A scientifically formulated product may contain beneficial ingredients, but the ingredients may not be included in the product at levels required to affect a pet’s health and wellbeing.

If a company is claiming to have a scientifically formulated product, look deeper and ask who developed the formulation and what supporting scientific data is available.

catwithscopeClinically tested

Other phrases that are used wildly in the supplement world are “clinically tested,” “clinically proven” and “vet tested.”

What it means to InClover
Every ingredient found in our scientific pet supplements is based on trusted and vetted scientific findings.

InClover’s founder and product developer played an integral role in researching the effects of prebiotics like those found in OptaGest and Fresh Digest for cats and dogs. The extensive clinical study involved measuring bacteria counts and odor-causing chemicals. Tests were also performed to confirm that prebiotics were unable to feed harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli.

Connectin, InClover’s joint supplement for dogs and cats, has been the subject of numerous gold-standard clinical studies. We partnered with an AVMA accredited university and international leader in veterinary research. The eight-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial consisted of dogs diagnosed with a joint disorder by a veterinarian. Researchers measured several factors, including stride length and reactions to palpation. A force-plate analysis was conducted to measure how much pressure the dogs were able to apply to each limb. Results demonstrated that the dogs who received Connectin showed significant improvements in comfort and mobility when compared to the placebo group. If you or your veterinarian would like a copy of the white paper detailing this study, please contact us.

What it may mean in the industry
In order for a supplement to claim it is “vet tested,” the only requirement is for a single veterinarian to give his or her stamp of approval. He or she may have done nothing more than read the ingredients or give it to personal pets before approving the supplement.

Some companies will “clinically test” a product by giving it to a bunch of pet parents and gathering feedback from a survey. The flaw with this approach is that it is very subjective. After people give supplements to their pets, they may think their dogs are moving more freely or their cats are playing more. But, there is no scientific data proving this is the case. It simply may be that the person is exercising the pet more often or paying attention to things that previously went unnoticed. Don’t believe a company that states there is no other way to test a product than to gather consumer feedback; it simply isn’t true.

InClover is proud to have performed our clinical studies with family pets using only humane practices. Unfortunately, there is a darker side to certain forms of clinical testing. Supplement companies may use lab animals — normally Beagles — that are destroyed after testing has been completed. There are supplements on the market that have been proven to work by remedying pain inflicted on shelter animals by the product testers through the injection of painful chemicals.

Trusted and transparent

If you ever have a question about a product or an ingredient, please contact us. Any of us  — including our CEO — will be happy to provide information to you or your veterinarian.

We stand behind our products and use them every day with our own pets. Some of us even take the supplements ourselves!

When you give your pet an InClover scientific pet supplement, rest assured knowing thoughtful consideration and exceptional care have been put into every bite.