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InClover’s all-natural supplements are scientifically formulated to produce noticeable results in a single container’s use. The care and research that goes into our dog and cat supplements is evident in the results our customers report in their pet supplement reviews. Below are reviews from just a few of our thousands of happy pet parents.

Cain “the Cainonball”

Great Dane Cain is record-setting canine athlete. Four years ago, Cain’s veterinarian recommended In Clover’s Connectin joint supplement to support his giant frame as his training and competition intensity increased. Because Danes are known to have a short lifespan of only about 7 years, his handler expected his performance to decrease as he aged. To her surprise, his performance continued to improve year over year. At age 6, Cain became the first and only Great Dane to compete in the Extreme Vertical discipline of dock diving. At 7, he became the first Dane to compete in the Speed Retrieve discipline and became the first and only Great Dane to earn the title of Iron Dog. At age 8, Cain received his invitation to the World Championships of dock diving, setting the stage to set another record as the first of his breed to compete at this level in the sport.

Despite his age, size and intense activity level, Cain remains joint problem free, unlike many of his younger canine competitors. Cain gets so much joy competing (or as he sees it: playing) and serves as a living testimonial to the power of Connectin.

For the last year, Cain has also added OptaGest digestive aid to protect his digestive system from the stresses of traveling, ingesting dirty pool water and eating fair food scraps. OptaGest keeps Cain’s immune system strong — which is especially important as he comes into contact with hundreds of other canine competitors.

Cain also enjoys Grin dental chews, Glow to keep his coat shiny and Jump as extra support during competitions.

Trevor Thomas & Tenille

My name is Trevor Thomas, and currently, I am the only blind long distance hiker in the world. I have a very special guide dog named Tennille who is exceptional in her own right. She not only works for me while I am in town, but has been trained to assist me in the backcountry and is the first guide dog to thru hike the 1,000 mile Mountains to Sea Trail. As a guide dog user, I must be very careful with Tennille’s health and wellbeing so she can have an active and long working life as my guide. As an athlete, she has to be in top physical and mental shape to meet the rigorous demands of our treks. I start with the highest quality food and 7 months ago began adding supplements from In Clover. I started by adding Connectin for joint health and OptaGest as a dietary supplement and within 2 weeks saw a marked difference in her performance during training. Recently, I added Glow for her coat and almost immediately, I began receiving compliments on how shiny and healthy her coat looks. Whether your dog is an endurance athlete and working animal like Tennille or if you want to extend the life and well being of your beloved pet, I would recommend using one or all of In Clover’s products. Thank you very much, In Clover, for the great products you make.  And Tennille thanks you.


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Believe me, I am the ultimate skeptic, so when I was told we should try Connectin for our 8-year-old German Shepard, I hesitated. I have to say, though, that this is now our third batch, and it has done wonders for his mobility. We will definitely recommend this to others!

Update: After we ran out, we gave ourselves the “is this all in our heads? test” and discontinued use. I will shout from the roof tops the improvements were not in our heads. It did not take long for him to slow back down, and the day I came home from work and he could barely get up to greet me was the day I placed a second order. This product will not make your pal young again, but it will sure help them to think they are. If you love you pet as much as I do, and they are getting along in years, this product is well worth it’s price.

Timothy W.

Hornell, NY

I bought this for the reviews… and they are spot on. My 8-year-old pug was limping (She likes to jump off high places. Pug body + dainty legs x age = frequent minor injuries!). Just as promised, within 14 days, she was right as rain. I will continue to use as a maintenance measure. Highly recommend. If you are looking for “just the right” product for joint issues, I’ll go out on a limb and say: Stop searching, click “add to cart” and be done with it!

Paige T.

Tacoma, WA

I have a 9-month-old Pyrenees mix who was showing VERY early joint issues; he moved like a twelve year old dog on his way out of this world. We started him on a half scoop of Connectin morning and evening before going on vacation, and my friend continued this. When I came back (two weeks later) my first sight of him was jumping out of the bed of my friend’s full size truck like it was nothing! He is happier, more active and more capable by far. The difference was spectacular. I will continue to give it to him for the rest of his life.

Scott H.

Yakima, WA

After a year of Connectin, our 9-year-old border collie is walking with more comfort than ever before! I don’t want her to be without it!

Happy Pet Parent

Marshalltown, IA

We have been using this supplement for several years for two dogs. We really think this product helps them move more freely – so much so that we recommended it to a friend whose older dog was starting to have mobility problems. She sees enough improvement in her boy that she has continued giving this supplement. Our vet says he has had similar reports from other patient’s caregivers.

Sarah B.

Rome, GA

I have tried dozens of joint supplements over the years. This is the first one that has clearly made a difference. My 8-year-old Newfoundland is playing more, walking more freely and generally enjoying life. I would recommend Connectin to any dog or horse owner whose critters have mobility problems.

L. Lord


We started using Connectin with our 10-year-old Golden Retriever about two months ago and immediately noticed that the bounce he had in his step as a puppy was back. He is more active than before we started using the product and does significantly less stretching when he gets up from his man naps! This is good stuff!

Ron W.

Both of my dogs definitely seem happier while I’m feeding them Connectin. My dogs have no issues eating it and it, if anything, seems to even make them enjoy their food more. I recommend the product.

Richard P.

Issaquah, WA

I’ve been using Connectin for years and it has helped my dogs immensely. My dog Macy was refusing to go on walks until I started using this product and within weeks she was running and jumping and playing again! Way to go on an excellent product! I recommend it to everyone who has a senior dog!

Stefanie S.

My vet recommended glucosamine and chondroitin for my dachshund’s back problem as part of his daily regimen. I chose In Clover Connectin. As predicted by my vet, within two weeks my dog’s back was back to normal. It will be a part of his diet for life.

Happy Pet Parent

Seattle, WA

I first used this product when our flat coated retriever started to feel her old age. After a few weeks, she was in a playful mood again! I have recommended it to friends who have also commented that their dogs perked up again. I currently am using this on a younger dog, so hopefully she will enjoy her mobility for longer.


Denver, CO

We purchased this product about three years ago for our two labs. After about two weeks, we noticed quite a difference in mobility in both of them. We have continued this supplement since then and would highly recommend it to anyone for their dog.

J. Ingersoll

Cleveland, OH

My 12-year-old Border Collie mix was starting to show her age. I found this supplement about two months ago and started giving it to her right away. My sweet Carly is still going strong! I am amazed!

Michelle N.

OptaGest + Fresh Digest

Great product. I have been using it with my dogs for over two years, and it has never failed at getting their digestive systems back in good health. It has been very helpful when my dogs have to take antibiotics or I have had to switch foods. It contains both digestive enzymes and prebiotic with no artificial colors, preservatives or flavorings which is a major plus for me. I believe when your dog has a upset tummy they definitely don’t need those things to only aggravate it even more.

Amy L.


I have two cats, Darby and Plato. Plato had digestive problems from the moment I adopted him at a kitten. Darby had problems with hairballs (he is a long-haired cat). Finally, after changing food and trying other supplements, I purchased OptaGest at a local pet store.

This stuff works wonders and I noticed it working within the first three days of using it on my boys.

I love this stuff! Don’t hesitate to purchase it if you have a pet that needs some love in his/her tummy!

Chelsea F.

Tacoma, WA

I recently adopted a 76 pound Lab pup. Aside from being an olympic grade chewer Logo had serious flatulence issues. I did some research and all In Clover products have real good reviews, I decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did! He is on his third week and there is a very noticeable improvement. The farting is almost entirely gone and his feces is smaller and harder.


Los Angeles, CA

I have a Norwegian Lundehund named Q, and the breed is known for PLE, a digestive disorder. Q is over a year old now, and he has always been fed Fresh Digest in his daily feedings. Q finished 2007 both as a new UKC Champion and as the number one Lundehund in UKC. I swear by this product and feel it’s what gives Q his winning edge.


Greeley, CO

My blue heeler use to have gas so bad it would leave a green cloud. We tried switching foods several times, but the poor kid just has a quirky digestive system. I found this product about two years ago, and I swear to you it has been a night and day difference. The very first night we used it, we could tell a difference. We feed Sassy twice a day and sprinkle the recommended amount on each feeding to help her digestion and — poof! — no more gas. I mean none! The couple times we have forgotten to reorder before we ran out… OMG poor lil’ girl clears the room. Love that this stuff is all natural. It really does work. I have recommended it to several friends, and they have said it worked wonders for their furkids as well.

Stephanie R.

This is a great product! My kitty has cancer so his digestive system has not been working very well. Since he has been on OptaGest daily, he has more energy and his digestive system is 100 percent better. This is a great product. I would recommend it for dogs and cats!


This is an AWESOME prebiotic/digestive enzyme product! I use it for my older dog and elderly cat to help them digest better. It is the ONLY product I’ve found without fillers. Check out most of them… they are a little enzyme in a whole lotta maltodextrin, calcium carbonate or calcium sulfate. This one has no fillers so you use less. Also, this one doesn’t require refrigeration which is nice.

Mark P.

I have a Yorkie who has a very sensitive stomach. Bought this product and within a few days, he was back to his happy, normal healthy self. Please have no doubts about this product – it works!

Happy Pet Parent

Appleton, WI

I was convinced to give this a try for my 14-year-old cat, and OMGosh! I can’t believe the change ALREADY, in just one day! The SMELL that we have had to deal with all this time is GONE! We were even able to PICK HER UP! Wow! She doesn’t smell bad and she was purring, as if she knew it, too! I’m so happy to be able to hold her again! I HIGHLY recommend this! It’s like a miracle! I wish I’d heard about it long ago.



This is my first review, but since the product really helps my boxers with their digestion, I thought I should let other consumers know, too. Especially my older boxer who is 5 and has a real sensitive stomach. He does great with the powder and had no upset stomach or lack of appetite since I started mixing it once a day into his food. Two thumbs up for this one!

Alfred H.

Corpus Christi, TX

My dog has always had a sensitive stomach. Someone suggested Optagest and I tried it I couldn’t believe the results. Not only did her stomach settle down, but if I run out of it for a few days, she won’t eat her food. Yes, she’s addicted to it and I am happy to give it it her. It really works for her.

L. Whitefield

Cranford, NJ

We have a great dane who had terrible breath. Our other dog’s breath was fine, so we weren’t sure what the problem was. We tried brushing his teeth every night, but there was no improvement. Finally at a pet store, the staff recommended this product, and it has worked wonderfully!

K. Ruedebusch

Seattle, WA

My dog had a very sensitive stomach with constant upsets. This product made a HUGE difference – I give it to him once a day, religously. Highly recommend!

Olga K.

New Jersey

My sensitive cat Jedi recently went through a lot of stress that caused digestive upset and lots of fur licking. Multiple fiber and supplement products totaled $150 a month and did not help him. A friend told me about Fresh Digest and in one day, we noticed improvement. He has more energy, and is happy again. Thank you for offering this wonderful product!


Fullerton, CA

Functional Rewards

My dog’s teeth have been a constant problem since she was a puppy. I started her on Grin dental treats about two years ago, and after the first six months I noticed a marked improvement. I still have to have her teeth professional cleaned, but we’ve been able to go longer between cleanings compared to before I started her on the Grin treats. Plus, they must taste great because she loves them!
Happy Pet Parent


I adopted a 5-year-old, obese tabby cat from the shelter. His last owner obviously thought love = food, and he was well-loved! I’ve got him on a high quality food, limiting his portions. He’s not real into exercising, but I’m hoping he’ll want to play more as he starts to lose the extra pounds. I saw Slim at the store and figured every little bit helps this guy! Of course, he likes to eat them — he’s not really picky! I’m glad to have a special “treat” for him that isn’t full of junk and is actually working to help him shed the weight. Thanks, In Clover, for helping the plus-sized cats out there!

Riley T.

Prescott, AZ

My little chihuahua mix had horrible breath even after I took her in for a dental. I started her on Grin, and after a few weeks her breath is perfect. Does not work overnight, but when it does work, it is awesome. She gets one treat every night before bed. No issues with bad breath anymore.

L. Mercer

Henderson, NV

Awesome treat. My cats all come running to get their daily Spry cat treat. Also, I noticed a difference in the respiratory health of my kitties rather quickly, with a quick reduction in both eye discharge and sneezing. I highly recommend this product.


Fort Collins, CO

I like this product because it’s all natural. Not a lot of junk and fillers like other products I’ve seen out there. My normally picky kitty LOVED these treats. He tried to run away with the bag!

My vet had him on a prescription diet to help with his UT health, but then I switched to Flow. My vet couldn’t believe how much better Bob (my cat) was doing. I then showed him these Flow treats, and he was impressed at the quality. He approved of me getting Bob off the prescription diet, and we watched his health and progress. Months later, Bob is still doing great!

Sally H.

Houston, TX

Glow is one of the most important supplements I have discovered, along with their Connectin product. This company has integrity and has tested their products carefully. Recommended without reservation.


My little Siamese cat is so picky that I was skeptical about these. But, guess what? She loves them [Sleek]! Excited to find a treat she likes to eat with real health benefits.

Dave K.

Wheaton, IL

Our dog LOVES Glow. We also noticed her coat was silkier within a few days. I highly recommend these treats.

S. Moore

The supplement [Glow] is great. My vet is surprised at how much less my Catahoula sheds now. And my fussy dog likes it.


Sacramento, CA

My dog’s breath is SO much better since we started giving him Grin dental treats on a daily basis. He LOVES them and we love how much better he smells since we discovered them!


Charlotte, NC

One of my cat’s eyes used to leak continually, causing crust to form. The vet said there was nothing we could do about it, but after using Spry, both eyes are dry and crust-free. When I ran out of the product, the runny eye came back. Now I stock up to avoid going without.

Happy Pet Parent

Durham, NC

I have three dogs and they LOVE Glow as a treat, yet it is a supplement. Who knew a treat could hold such benefit for them and taste so great? No coaxing required, no spitting it out or trying to hide — each pooch accepts their Glow treat daily, and now they know the sound of the jar opening and are ready and waiting.

Happy Pet Parent

Both our cats love Sleek. They’re longhaired cats, so anything to help keep their fur healthy and stop hairballs is welcome! After using these for about two weeks, we noticed we were cleaning up fewer hairballs around the house. They are definitely shedding less, and their coats feel softer. We’ll keep using them and you should, too!

Jessica S.

New Ulm, MN

My six-year-old Golden will do anything for the Grin dental treats. What he doesn’t know is that they are good for him! He has the teeth of a puppy and I have never brushed them. What an easy way to keep him healthy.


Scottsdale, AZ

My small dog loves the taste of Grin, and I feel so much better knowing that I am getting to the root of the problem. His breath was so bad before Grin that I hated to let him in my face. Now he has good breath, and I don’t worry about the other problems that come with poor dental health like heart problems. Henry gets Grin as a reward and doesn’t know they are good for him; he will do all his tricks for them. His old treats had sugar which just kept making the problem worse. This is so easy.


Fullerton, CA

Sox (my 12-year-old cat) had the worst breath! When he would come up to snuggle, our family would push him away because of the smell. I tried brushing his teeth, but he would fight me so bad that I just gave up. I saw Smile at my local pet store and thought they couldn’t hurt. What a difference! His breath is so much better, and I’m so happy to not have to wrestle him to clean his teeth. He likes the taste, so they’re super easy to give. I give him one in the morning and one in the evening, and he knows it! He sits there waiting on the counter next to the cupboard where I keep the treats. Thank you for a wonderful product (my family thanks you, too)!

Lani J.

Vancouver, WA

Glow is awesome. They made my dog’s coat amazingly silky and super shiny. Just give them some time, they’re totally worth the money, plus it’s a great investment for your dog’s health.


Not that I regularly sniff my dog’s breath, but after using Grin for a while, I am not noticing her breath as much. But I still wouldn’t kiss her – lol!

John D.

Seymour, CT