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We are thrilled to announce the launch of BioBrilliant™, a clinically tested, natural alternative to tooth brushing that is enjoyable for animals and their humans. BioBrilliant was developed with the same thoughtful process that goes into all of InClover’s products.  No detail is too small. We use the highest quality goat milk whey to re-mineralize the enamel. This begins with goats that are pastured on chemical-free and naturally enriched fields. Keeping the microbiome of the soil healthy translates to healthy milk. Twice daily their milk is harvested and goes through a natural lactofermentation process to separate the whey. Our slow drying of the whey optimizes the bioavailability of minerals and nutrients in BioBrilliant.  Our kelp is ocean farmed, harvested and slow dried the same day to keep the nutrients bioavailable in the final product. Tests show the kelp in BioBrilliant has higher levels of important nutrients compared to other products. BioBrilliant has also undergone PCR and RDA abrasivity testing to ensure the animal’s naturally thin enamel layer is supported. BioBrilliant dental powder can be used daily with Grin or Smile dental chews for a complete dental program for dogs and cats.

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How it works

Scientifically Formulated

The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that 85% of all pets will have periodontal disease by age 3. We’ve created BioBrilliant, a clinically tested, natural alternative to tooth brushing that is enjoyable for animals and their humans. BioBrilliant addresses the root of poor dental health with natural enzymes, anti-bacterials and minerals. This delicious formula contains the highest quality, natural ingredients and is safe for cats and dogs of all life stages.

Ingredients with a purpose

BioBrilliant contains an all-active blend of natural ingredients designed to decrease the need for tooth-brushing. A comprehensive enzyme blend removes food particles from the mouth while powerful anti-bacterials stop the bacteria in the mouth and prevent them from sticking to the teeth and gum line. Calcium bentonite polishes teeth without damaging your pets tooth enamel. Finally, deliciously mouth-watering goat milk whey protects and re-mineralizes the enamel while increasing saliva to flush the mouth of food particles.

FEATURED Ingredients


Goat cheese provides gentle remineralization of the tooth resulting in a healthy enamel layer, and increases saliva production to flush away bacteria before they stick to teeth. Goat cheese is a healthier alternative to cow cheese with less lactose, less sodium, increased digestibility and no starch.


Kelp works to prevent the plaque from forming and adhering to the tooth by inhibiting the sticking process. Additionally, kelp makes plaque and tartar more porous so that they can be easily removed.



A natural enzyme blend works to target multiple areas, breaking down starch and protein in the food that can stick to the teeth and feed bacteria and to degrade glucose and sugars in the mouth to natural tooth whiteners hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid.

full ingredients + directions for use

Feeding Directions: Sprinkle powder over dry food or mix into moist food.

For dogs: Serve 1 tsp. per day (about 2 “shakes”) for a 30 pound dog (adjust proportionally to size of dog).

For cats: Serve 1/3 tsp. per day for a 10 pound cat.


Ingredients: Goat milk dried whey, coconut, yucca schidigera, dried kelp, green tea, anise, inulin, papain, dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation solubles, dried Aspergillus niger fermentation solubles, calcium bentonite.

"5 Stars"

My dogs & I love InClover products. I switched my older Golden to Connectin Chews from another similar product and saw a noticeable difference in a very short time. All my dogs get Optagest every day, and always will. I love that InClover products are all natural and USA made by a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Martha K.



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