A dog respiratory illness has affected Hundreds of pets in 16 states. The illness has spread across the U.S. since August and was reported in major national publications in November, causing confusion and concern among dog parents everywhere.

States with Dog Respiratory Illness

Above is a map of states affected by the respiratory illness in dogs. A variety of dog breeds have contracted the illness, which has symptoms similar to Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC), or kennel cough. However, the new respiratory illness is not responding to the antibiotics that typically work for kennel cough.

NBC News reported that researchers in New Hampshire have identified a strange bacteria called Mycoplasma that has showed up in a “pretty significant” number of dogs with the respiratory illness. This may not be the cause though, it may be that it is opportunistic and showing up because the dogs are weakened from some other bacteria or virus.

Humans and other animals are not believed to be at risk of the illness.

In general, you can protect your dog by staying informed at www.inclover.com, supporting their immune system with daily supplementation, supporting pre-existing conditions and social distancing.

We have all been through this for us, now let’s support our dogs!