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Mission Statement

At InClover, our mission is to scientifically formulate supplements that enrich the lives of pets, and as a benefit, the humans they love.  Each InClover supplement product manufactured must pass strict quality standards and exceed sustainable practice standards.


Our philosophy of operating with integrity extends to our community and our planet. InClover is a regular donor to reputable nonprofit organizations improving the lives of abused or abandoned animals. Since 2005, InClover has provided enriching employment opportunities for dozens of specially abled workers through Imagine! CORE/Labor Source.


InClover has been awarded the Top Impact Performer in Pet Supplements from the Pet Sustainability Coalition. This award spans InClover’s commitment to pets, people and planet. Achieving this level of impact is the culmination of hard work from the entire InClover team. Our commitment is to continuous improvement and leveraging InClover to be good for pets, people and planet through our sustainable mission, scientifically formulated products, audited quality standards and employment for good practices. 


InClover partners with Project V.E.T.S. to heal the planet, one animal at a time. The 2021 Impact Report has been released and here is the impact we made. In 2021 we diverted 11,872 pounds from landfills. We sent those 441 items in shipments to 102 veterinarians at animal nonprofits in 38 countries. This saved animal nonprofits a total of $714,632 and met 3 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We also partner with CarbonClick, and we are part of a global movement towards minimizing carbon emissions. Our impact report of 2021 points towards good progress that we will continue to grow upon.

In 2021 alone we produced 147,171 climate friendly products, we supported 21,340 tree growth years, and we offset 458,911kg of carbon. 

This carbon offset is equivalent to:

  • Cars taken off the road – 99
  • Tanks of gas avoided using – 3,442
  • Emissions from running the average US home – 89 homes

Environmental Policy

Click HERE to view InClover’s Environmental Policy.

Supply Chain Code of Conduct

Click HERE to view our Supply Chain Code of Conduct. 

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We believe in what we do, that’s why we partner with organizations that believe in transparency, quality, and ethical practices. Check out some of our pet-industry partners below!