Support stiff, aging bodies or protect young, healthy joints with Connectin®. The only joint supplement clinically proven by independent researchers to improve comfort and mobility in an average of 15 days*, Connectin’s complete, patented formula nourishes the joint and its surrounding structures. Feeding Connectin daily supplies the body with all three essential joint building blocks critical to healthy joint function plus a power-packed herbal blend for noticeable, lasting results.

*data on file

Connectin Joint Supplement, U.S Patent Numbers 5,916,565; 6,344,220; 6,709,682. Product and Method for Joint Health in Mammals.

For dogs:

  • As a pork-flavored crunchy tablet. Available in 50 and 150 count bottles.
  • As a chicken-flavored soft chew. Available in 20, 100 and 300 count containers.
  • As pork-flavored powder. Available in a 12 oz and 23 oz tub with a pre-measured scoop. 12 oz = 40 scoops, 23 oz = 77 scoops

For cats:

As a liver-flavored crunchy tablet. 60 tablets per container.

As a pork-flavored powder. 90 grams per container.

For horses:

As a licorice-flavored powder. 600 grams/55 scoops per container.

Believe me, I am the ultimate skeptic. So when I was told we should try this for our 8-year-old German Shepard, I hesitated. I have to say, though, that this is now our third batch, and it has done wonders for his mobility. This will not make your senior dog a puppy again, but it will really REALLY help them to feel and act younger. We will definitely recommend this to others!

Timothy W.

Hornell, NY

I have tried dozens of joint supplements over the years. This is the first one that has clearly made a difference. My 8-year-old Newfoundland is playing more, walking more freely and generally enjoying life. I would recommend Connectin to any dog or horse owner whose critters have mobility problems.

L. Lord


We are so happy we decided to try Connectin for Cats! Buddy, our 12-year-old cat, started showing signs of slowing down over a year ago. He could no longer jump up on his food table and had difficulty climbing the stairs and jumping up on the bed. We noticed improvement within a couple of weeks and after a month, he no longer needs assistance getting to his favorite spots around the house. We feel so much better knowing that we can help Bud enjoy his senior years.


San Jose, CA

Ingredients & Suggested Daily Use

Click on the tabs below to view the ingredient list and daily administration for the different Connectin formulas.

Ingredients per tablet

Glucosamine HCl 99%+ pure (shellfish source) 500 mg
Mucopolysaccharides (porcine source of chondroitin sulfate & hyaluronic acid) 250 mg
Yucca Root 225 mg
Nettle Leaf 185 mg
Alfalfa Extract 50% 140 mg
Devil’s Claw Extract 2.5% 50 mg
Celery Seed 50 mg
Black Cohosh Root 47 mg
Ginger Root Extract 5% 22 mg
Turmeric Extract 95% 4 mg
Cayenne Pepper 4 mg
[Inactive: Colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, natural pork liver flavor]


Under 20 lbs 1/2 per day 1/4 per day
20-40 lbs 1 per day 1/2 per day
40-60 lbs 2 per day 1 per day
60-80 lbs 3 per day 1 1/2 per day
80-100 lbs 4 per day 2 per day
100+ lbs 5 per day 2 1/2 per day

Ingredients per soft chew

Glucosamine HCl 99%+ pure (shellfish source) 500 mg
Mucopolysaccharides (porcine source of chondroitin sulfate & hyaluronic acid) 250 mg
Yucca Root 135 mg
Nettle Leaf 100 mg
Alfalfa Extract 50% 85 mg
Devil’s Claw Extract 2% 68 mg
Celery Seed 25 mg
Black Cohosh Root 25 mg
Ginger Root Extract 5% 12 mg
Turmeric Extract 95% 2.5 mg
Cayenne Pepper 2.5 mg
[Inactive: Dried chicken liver, dried honey, glycerin (vegetable source), mixed tocopherols, potato flour, potato starch, safflower oil, salt, sorbic acid, sunflower lecithin.]


Under 20 lbs 1/2 per day 1/4 per day
20-40 lbs 1 per day 1/2 per day
40-60 lbs 2 per day 1 per day
60-80 lbs 3 per day 1 1/2 per day
80-100 lbs 4 per day 2 per day
100+ lbs 5 per day 2 1/2 per day

Ingredients per scoop

Mucopolysaccharides (porcine source of chondroitin sulfate & hyaluronic acid) 1200 mg
Yucca Root 1200 mg
Glucosamine HCl 99%+ pure (shellfish) 625 mg
Alfalfa 500 mg
Nettle Leaf 300 mg
Devil’s Claw 100 mg
Celery Seed 50 mg
Black Cohosh Root 50 mg
Ginger Root 50 mg
Turmeric Root 50 mg
Cayenne Pepper 5 mg
[Inactive: Natural porcine liver flavor]


Comes with a pre-measured scoop. 1 scoop = 3.6 tsp or 8.5 g

Under 20 lbs 1/2 scoop per day 1/4 scoop per day
20-40 lbs 1 scoop per day 1/2 scoop per day
40-60 lbs 1 1/2 scoop per day 3/4 scoop per day
60-80 lbs 2 scoops per day 1 scoop per day
80-100 lbs 2 1/2 scoops per day 1 1/4 scoops per day
100+ lbs 3 scoops per day 1 1/2 scoops per day

Ingredients per tablet

Glucosamine HCl 99%+ (shellfish) 125 mg
Mucopolysaccharides (chondroitin sulfate & hyaluronic acid) 60 mg
Yucca Root 35 mg
Nettle Leaf 25 mg
Alfalfa Extract 50% 22 mg
Devil’s Claw Extract 2% 19 mg
Celery Seed 6 mg
Black Cohosh Root 6 mg
Ginger Root Extract 5% 3 mg
Turmeric Extract 95% 1 mg
Cayenne Pepper 1 mg
[Inactive: Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Natural Porcine Liver Flavor]


6-9 lbs 1 per day 1/2 per day
10-13 lbs 2 per day 1 per day
14+ lbs 4 per day 2 per day

Ingredients per teaspoon

Glucosamine HCl 99%+ pure (shellfish source) 125 mg
Mucopolysaccharides (porcine chondroitin sulfate & hyaluronic acid) 62 mg
Yucca Root 34 mg
Alfalfa 28 mg
Nettle Leaf 25 mg
Devil’s Claw 21 mg
Turmeric Root 11 mg
Celery Seed 6 mg
Black Cohosh Root 6 mg
Ginger Root 6 mg
Cayenne Pepper 1 mg
[Inactive: Natural pork liver flavor, rice hulls]


6-9 lbs 1 tsp. per day 1/2 tsp. per day
10-13 lbs 2 tsp. per day 1 tsp. per day
14+ lbs 4 tsp. per day 2 tsp. per day

Ingredients per scoop

Glucosamine HCl 99%+ (shellfish) 5000 mg
Mucopolysaccharides (chondroitin sulfate & hyaluronic acid) 1025 mg
Yucca Root 500 mg
Alfalfa 500 mg
Devil’s Claw 100 mg
Nettle Leaf 100 mg
Turmeric Root 50 mg
Celerey Seed 25 mg
Black Cohosh Root 25 mg
Ginger Root 25 mg
Cayenne Pepper 5 mg
[Inactive: Licorice Flavor and Yeast Culture]

Comes with pre-measured scoop. 1 scoop = 11 grams

Average horses 2 scoops per day 1 scoop per day
Horses over 1200 lbs 3 scoops per day 1 1/2 scoops per day

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the Connectin clinical studies important to me?

Here is why:

  1. Were done using Good Laboratory Practices at a university veterinary hospital.
  2. The Connectin study was done using the actual Connectin product.
  3. The study was placebo-controlled, double-blind, multi-armed and used state-of-the-art Force Plate Analysis.
  4. The dogs and their humans volunteered for the study because they had tried everything else… and it didn’t work.
  5. Connectin was proven to show significant relief in weight bearing discomfort and increase in mobility…fast and gently.
Why are the herbs in Connectin important?

The specially formulated patented herbal base allows the joint building blocks to be absorbed at the affected site, quickly.

If my pet’s food contains glucosamine/chondroitin, do I still need to supplement?

Typically the amounts of these ingredients in pet foods fall below the amounts required to be effective, especially on animals with severe symptoms. Pet food companies normally report the amount of glucosamine and chondroitin combined in units of ppm or parts per million in the entire bag. Given suggested feeding amounts, 400ppm is only 89.2 mg for a 40-60 pound dog.

How long should I give Connectin?

Following the directions for daily use, you will see results with Connectin® within 2 weeks (dogs & cats). You will continue to see improvement for 2-4 months. After the positive results have been maintained for several weeks, you may be able to decrease the daily amount by half the recommended amount. Continue with this maintenance level. Symptoms may return if you discontinue use of Connectin®.

How long will one container of Connectin last?

The recommended daily level is on the outside of each container.

For a dog weighing 40 – 60 pounds:

  • 12 oz powder: 27 days initial use; 54 days maintenance use
  • 23 oz powder: 51 days initial use; 102 days maintenance use
  • 50 ct crunchy tabs: 25 days initial use; 50 days maintenance use
  • 150 ct crunchy tabs: 75 days initial use; 150 days maintenance use
  • 20 ct soft chews: 10 days initial use; 20 days maintenance use
  • 100 ct soft chews: 50 days initial use; 100 days maintenance use
  • 300 ct soft chews: 150 days initial use; 300 days maintenance use

For a cat weighing 10 pounds:

  • 60 ct tablets: 60 days initial use; 120 day maintenance use
Can Connectin be given to help maintain joint health in a pet without symptoms?

We hear this question often. After a pet owner has seen great results when using Connectin® with their affected animal, they wonder whether it would be wise to start their younger pet on Connectin® to help maintain his or her healthy joints. Yes, studies showed that starting your non-affected pet on a maintenance level of Connectin® will help the body maintain healthy joint function.

Is canine Connectin safe to give to a cat?

Yes, Connectin for dogs may safely be given to cats. If you take the Connectin powder for dogs, a cat would get the same amount as a 20 lb dog, ½ scoop to start and ¼ for maintenance.

Which Connectin format is the best?

We know from conducting clinical trials on tablet, soft chew and powder formats of Connectin that they are equally effective. Some dogs prefer the soft chews or crunchy tablets, which can be eaten like a snack or broken up and added to food. Some dogs prefer the powder added in with a meal. Choose what’s easy for you and your pet.

I give my dog Connectin powder and misplaced my scoop. How much is a scoop?

The scoops included with Connectin powder hold 18 cc which translates to 3.6 teaspoons or a “generous” tablespoon. One quarter scoop is equal to approximately 1 teaspoon; ½ scoop is approximately 2 teaspoons.

How is Connectin different from other products that claim to be tested?

This is where patented Connectin joint supplement is very unique. The very same Connectin that you are using has undergone university studies at an American Veterinary Medical Association accredited veterinary hospital. The double-blind, placebo-controlled studies used the state-of- the-art force-plate analysis, a statistically significant number of dogs participated in the trial and showed significant improvement at a 95% confidence level. Ask these questions when looking for a tested supplement:

  1. Were the tests done at an AVMA accredited University?
  2. Was the complete product tested, or just one of the ingredients?
  3. Was the trial done on the species the product is for?
  4. Were there a significantly significant number of animals in the study?
How do I obtain a copy of the Connectin clinical trial information?

Contact In Clover toll-free at 877-987-PETS (7387) or email

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